When it comes to developing software, it’s not just a matter of taste.

Photo by Deborah Kunzie

Living your life basically comes down to choosing one of three options:

Me enjoying a view on Cadaqués, some nice town in Catalonia

By helping us fact-check, annotate and moderate the Web

An in-depth look at the most popular approaches

Every Redux app at a glance?

And why you should convince everybody to use it.

Most of us know what Smart and Dumb components are. We know we should use @Input() and @Output() as much as possible. But when our SPA gets big enough, it starts to remind us more and more of a typical spaghetti and it seems we cannot even help it.

Jack Tomaszewski

Full-stack web developer (jtom.me) with over 15 years of experience. Past digital nomad and traveller. Now settled for good in Poznań, Poland.

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